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Building Services

We manufacture shrouds for building systems in a competent, quick, and individual manner. These include:

  • cooling systems
  • heating systems
  • ventilation systems
  • systems for drinking water supply

It is especially important when maintaining property that the building services systems are optimally protected in order to reduce damage due to external influences and related repair work as much as possible. Various safety requirements must also be fulfilled. With our solutions, we ensure that the systems are well shielded and therefore protected accordingly.

Our sheet metal claddings for the systems are the optimum surface protection against mechanical damage and weather conditions. Cooling and heating systems are optimally insulated due to the cladding. For ventilation systems, the sheet metal shroud ensures a longer useful life and increased safety. Systems for drinking water supply are also protected against numerous outside influences with the appropriate sheet metal cladding.

We also offer you our rich “pool of ideas” for your projects in the area of building services. We welcome any custom designs so that we can optimally utilize our creativity.

Send us your request and we will find the right solutions for you, with which you will be totally satisfied! Customer service is one of our priorities. As a result, you can be certain that we are giving you our best.


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